Petition against Comment’s Mullor dismissed

April 20, 2022: A petition for a protective order filed by Stephanie Rudat in King County District Court against Sammamish Comment editor Miki Mullor was dismissed today.

Miki Mullor
Stephanie Rudat

Rudat, the daughter of former Sammamish City Manager Dave Rudat, filed the petition last month. She claimed harassment and that she feared for the safety of herself and her children. Mullor denied the charges. The judge, in a short hearing, ruled that Rudat’s claims were not supported by law. Claims of libel and slander must be pursued in a lawsuit in a different venue.

The judge denied Mullor’s request for attorney’s fees.

1 thought on “Petition against Comment’s Mullor dismissed

  1. Forgive me, but can we get on with more things regarding this wonderful city. I am sure the matters regarding this political discussion and resulting “banishment” of Mullor, is significant, but how much does this affect the dailylives of those more concerned with speed limit violations, (perceived) degradation of certain neighborhhoods, home prices vis-a-vis recent inflation and ideas for mitigating this? Hoe about those ignoring stop signs? What’s the latest from the schools for those of us who no longer have kids attending them?

    What about somemeansof forum or discussions that can be shared with those who still read about this political diatribe.

    I might add I am an admirer of Scott Hamilton, but…

    Oh, hell… perhaps I simply need to learn hoe to delete my subscription to this journal of political finger-pointing?

    I do feel there’s a need for a means of communication among residents of “Plateupia” but how many really care solely about the in-fighting among council members.?

    BTW, I received a flyer the other day promoting (for lack of a better term) communication between the residents of our neighbor hood. Why? It doesn’t work very well. as near as I can tell. Not a council issue to be sure, but I would like a means of hearing about things up here besides the political arguments. Do you people truly add value to the people who receive this missive? Ot for me, lately.

    PhilipLampman Pine Lake Heights


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