Local politics Facebook group vows to remain open and be censorship-free

By Miki Mullor

A relative newcomer to the local social media scene, the Facebook group Sammamish Central, takes a different direction than other Facebook groups. 

Kerry Boswoth, the group’s administrator, says it intends to keep it “open,” as opposed to other groups which require permission to join in order to see the content. 

Originally named Sammamish Election Central, the group renamed itself to Sammamish Central after the November city council election.  Anyone with a Facebook account can view the content, post or comment without having to join the group. 

With Facebook becoming the main place for local discussions, the importance of a Facebook group rises and with it, the power of the group’s administrator, who has the power to censor speech at will. Several other Sammamish Facebook groups routinely censor or block posters, including (ironically) Sammamish Uncensored. 

By keeping a group public, the administrators of Sammamish Central relinquished that power in favor of open discussions. 

Unlike several other local Facebook groups in Sammamish, Sammamish Central administrators have no ties to the City of Sammamish staff or city council. 

Sammamish Central Facebook group:


1 thought on “Local politics Facebook group vows to remain open and be censorship-free

  1. Note: The group has rules and you will be muted if you break them. They aren’t THAT ‘open’ in reality. Other than not requiring requesting membership, they are no different from any other FB group.

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