6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Lambert loses at County Council; Amato-Lam, Howe-Kelsey too close to call, Clark lead; Moran landslide victory

  1. Appears to me one of the major reasons for such a wide margin in the Karen Moran – Nazir Harb race was lack of a voter pamphlet statement. Scott, can you remember another election contest in Sammamish, where a voter pamphlet statement was missing, for a candidate that ran a full campaign?

  2. All the candidates who support over-construction are selected and they are definitely all Dems, and I don’t know why the author opposes over-construction so much but supports all Dems, which is such an apparent contradiction. It seems like the reason is just that the author hates Trump.

  3. You support the three who lost the city council seats, and they are definitely more conservative than Lam, Howe and Clark, all of whom are supported by State Democrats. However, you attacked Republicans such as Lambert. And also Amato’s story was revealed by Sammamish comment. Isn’t this a contradiction? If you need councilmen to oppose over-construction, they can only be Republicans.

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