Peaceful protest held at City Plaza, march throughout the city; one injured

By Miki Mullor

One person was injured in a minor altercation during a march Thursday to protest the death of George Floyd.

On a beautiful Sammamish afternoon, about 500 people, mostly teenagers, gathered  at City Plaza, to protest the death of  Floyd and demand social justice on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

While the overwhelming majority of the people were wearing masks, social distancing was not kept during gathering.

The protesters made a human circle around the entrance to City Plaza and listened to several speakers sharing their experiences and demanding change. The gathering was peaceful with protesters applauding the speakers and holding signs.  

The Sammamish Police department blocked vehicle entrance to the plaza but otherwise was not present during gathering at City Plaza. 

After an hour or so, the crowd started marching on 228th Ave. towards the Met Market shopping center. Police blocked off access to 228th Ave.  Police blocked off 228th Ave. for vehiccular traffic, allowing a safe march on the city’s main arterial. 

When the march reached the Met Market shopping center, the protesters continued up hill on SE 4th St. towards 218th Ave.

During the march police temporarily blocked streets the protesters walked through, allowing the march to continue peacefully all the way back to City Plaza. 

In one exception, a business owner on 228th Ave., apparently frustrated by the health crisis lockdown, yelled profanities towards the march that triggered one of the protester to hit him in the face.  A resident sent The Sammamish Comment the picture of the bleeding business owner shortly after the altercation took place.  No arrests were made. 

Injured business owner

Several protesters approached the man to check on him and shook his hand as can be seeing  in this snapshot of a video recorded by a resident.

The young man seen in the picture is not related to the assault. 

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2 thoughts on “Peaceful protest held at City Plaza, march throughout the city; one injured

  1. Miki what are your sources on the point that a protester assaulted this man? I have heard that this man was injuring himself, the report came from another business owner adjacent to his.
    When I passed by this scene police were attending to him, trying to de-escalate as he was very agitated and yelling. I would think that if someone had assaulted him there would be police dealing with the assaulter, but there was no activity of that nature happening. Police presence on 228th was pretty strong.

    Also, police were present at the city hall part, during speaking presentations. There were two officers standing several yards away from the back of the crowd near the city hall building entrance and officers were present at the blocked entrances to the plaza.

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