City’s emergency manager transferred amid controversy

By Miki Mullor

The Sammamish emergency preparedness manager was transferred to Fire District 10 on March 2 amid controversy that goes across a broad spectrum. The transfer is unrelated to the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Complaint of harassment and political retaliation levied against council member Pam Stuart by the City’s Emergency Preparedness Manager employee, Andrew Stevens.
  • Stuart subsequently levied a charge of making a threat against Stevens.
  • Stuart complains of Stevens’ wife’s involvement in a Facebook election-oriented group and being “very mean.”
  • Roots date to 2015 during the administration of then-Mayor Tom Vance and then-city manager Ben Yazici, when neglect and equipment failure was revealed.

2015: City unprepared for emergencies

Andrew Stevens was hired in 2017 after Sammamish Comment and a city-hired consultant revealed neglect and serious shortcomings in the city’s emergency preparedness. These issues date to 2015, when then-Mayor Tom Vance and then-City Manager Ben Yazici were exposed neglecting preparations for emergencies and equipment in the city’s emergency operations center didn’t work.

Even after signing on to the Cascadia Rising earthquake drill, Sammamish failed to participate in its own emergency preparedness event at City Hall, The Comment revealed back then.

Emergency preparedness is for earthquakes and other natural disasters, severe weather-related events, mass shootings, etc.

Stevens has a long background in emergency preparedness, having worked for Downey in California and for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Related stories from 2015:

Steven’s complaint of  “harassment, political retaliation” by Stuart

Late last year Stevens complained to then-City Manager Rick Rudometkin that he had been subjected to harassment and retaliation by Council Member Pam Stuart – an investigation report issued by the City on Nov. 25 and obtained by The Comment – reveals. 

Council Member Pam Stuart

Stevens reported that Stuart approached him two days after the 2019 city council elections in November, asserting he’s doing a “very good job” but that his wife, Stephanie Rudat, was “very mean on Facebook.” Stevens further said that Stuart verbally accosted Rudat in front of their children in front of the Safeway supermarket in Sammamish. The City’s investigation confirms “Councilwoman Stuart approached Mr. Stevens with what can be construed as a derogatory statement concerning his wife.”   

Stevens felt Stuart was threatening his job and retaliating against him because of his wife’s political activity that opposed Stuart.  

Rudat was then, and is now, a co-administrator of an 850 member Facebook group called Vote Sammamish. Most  posters in that group favored candidates opposing Stuart’s three choices in the election. Stuart favored Karen McKnight, Rituja Indapure and Karen Howe, who lost by roughly 2:1 margins. Rudat occasionally posted in the forum and other Facebook groups, including challenging Stuart on what Rudat thought was a “divisive, reckless behavior” during the last election – which Stuart denied.  

Stuart’s counter claim of a “threat”

The City’s report reveals that upon hearing about Stevens’ informing the incident to the City Manager, Stuart contacted then-City Manager Rudometkin and requested action against Stevens for making a physical threat against her.

Upon leaving the City Manager’s office, Stevens was heard saying: “If she [Stuart] was a man and insulted my wife, I would have popped the guy one!.”  An unidentified staff member informed Stuart of Stevens’ complaint against her to the City Manager and of his comment – which Stuart viewed as a threat against her.

According to the report, Stuart said that “[she] was scared for her family, especially her teenage daughter” and reported Stevens to the Police. However was told by the police that Stevens did not directly threaten her. 

Right after Stevens reported Stuart to the City Manager, Mary Beth Neeson of the city’s human resource department investigated and determined that Stevens’s comment violated a city policy against “any act or threat of violence by or against any employee, customer, supplier, partner or visitor.” Stevens told Neeson the comment was “hypothetical and was not directed at anyone, especially council member Stuart,” the report says.

Neeson refused to investigate Stevens’ complaint against Stuart, claiming the lack of authority to do so: 

“As you may be aware, the City of Sammamish is required to investigate an allegation that a City employee has engaged in harassment, whether the allegation is by one employee as to another employee, or by the employee as to a non-employee. Here, the “non-employee” is a council member,” Neeson told The Comment in an emailed statement.

“The Sammamish Employee Handbook is applicable to City employees and volunteers, and was not intended to address the conduct of council members.  Accordingly, the City does not intend to conduct an investigation of the Councilmember Stuart because the City has no authority to do so.”

Neeson also accepted at face value, without investigation, Stuart’s incendiary charges that Stevens and his wife were “dangerous” people, based on what Stuart claims she read on Facebook. Stuart stated that Mrs. Stevens’ family in California are “very dangerous people” and she is especially scared of Mrs. Stevens because “her family has done terrible things to people.” Stuart did not provide details or basis for her charges. 

The investigation concluded with no recommendation for a disciplinary action against Stevens, who has no previous disciplinary actions in his personnel file.

The Comment reached out to Stuart for more details about her statements about Mrs. Stevens’ family. Stuart did not respond by email, but instead posted on her official facebook page:

City manager needed

A few weeks after this drama was the need to hire a new, interim City Manager. The council, on a unanimous vote, fired Rudometkin for job performance for reasons unrelated to this controversy.

David Rudat

By now, the New Year had passed and those elected Nov. 5 were seated on the council. A super-majority consisting of Karen Moran, who was named mayor, Christie Malchow, named deputy mayor, and members Kent Treen, Ken Gamblin and Chris Ross faced off against the minority of Stuart and close ally Jason Ritchie.

The candidate favored by the council majority was David Rudat, the former City Manager of the City of Orange in southern California. David Rudat is father to Stephanie and father-in-law to Stevens. Previously, in-mid 2018, David Rudat was one of the two finalists in the professional search for an interim City Manager conducted after former City Manager Lyman Howard was fired. The City Council eventually picked Larry Patterson. Rudat was appointed interim City Manager by the City of Alameda in the Bay area.   

This time, the Sammamish City Council super majority favored David Rudat because of his management experience, leadership skills and his flexibility on minimum contract length terms. Large severance payouts to former City Managers Rudometkin and Howard have left city council with very little appetite for another long term commitment out of the gate. Other candidates demanded minimum 18 months contracts.  Rudat signaled willingness to serve beyond the initial six months term should City Council wish so.   

David Rudat came with his own controversies. When he became the City Manager of Orange, earlier in his career, he was accused of ethics violation for directing a building inspector to meet with a former client of his wife, who is a real estate agent, to discuss the former client’s alleged building code violations. According to law in California, Rudat should have waited 12 months from the day his wife sold the house before getting involved. Other allegations that were initially alleged against Rudat were dismissed.   

The ethics violation was resolved with a $2,000 settlement. The City Attorney of Orange justified the settlement by describing the alleged violation as “a technicality” and added that Rudat did not benefit from it financially.  The City Attorney acknowledged that his office should have explained the law, which is very complex, to Rudat, and added that Rudat did not intentionally violate it. Court documents obtained by The Comment confirm the settlement details. 

Following the settlement, Rudat remained the City Manager of Orange for an additional eight years until he retired in 2005.   

The Comment learned that the King County Sheriff department conducted a background check for David Rudat prior to his appointment as interim City Manager in Sammamish.  

Transferring Stevens 

As the father-in-law to Stevens, council members in the majority and minority recognized there would be a conflict of interest with Stevens reporting to City Manager Rudat, whether directly or indirectly. 

Additionally, the involvement of Stuart in Stevens’ harassment/hostile work environment complaint presented complications. Finally, the city’s own policies prohibited the chain-of-command reporting conflict.

To resolve the conflict of interest, an agreement was negotiated to transfer Stevens to District 10, which is part of the Eastside Fire & Rescue consortium that provides fire and rescue service to Sammamish, Issaquah and North Bend.

This was not a new idea. In January 2019, then-Interim City Manager Patterson suggested moving the Emergency Preparedness function to District 10 for operational reasons, after having discussions with Chief Clark. 

District 10 is headquartered in Issaquah, where Stevens’ office is now located. He reports to fire chief Jeff Clark. Sammamish executives are no longer in the chain-of-command over Stevens.

Stuart: “It’s not personal”

Stuart, and Ritchie, voted against the agreement covering the Stevens transfer and against hiring David Rudat. Ritchie didn’t detail why he opposed it, but at the Feb. 18 council meeting, Stuart said her opposition wasn’t personal:

“I just feel a need to reiterate that again this isn’t personal as a council it is our responsibility to execute these duties with the best interests of the city in mind.” –  Stuart said during the council meeting.

Scott Hamilton contributed to this report.

Reference: City of Sammamish Investigation report

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19 thoughts on “City’s emergency manager transferred amid controversy

  1. I hope Stephanie Rudat runs against Pam Stuart when Stuart’s seat is up for reelection, I would vote for Stephanie in a heartbeat. We need to get rid of the two self-serving council members still left in the Sammamish City Council; Stuart and Ritchie have poisoned the well long enough.

    • Stuart has been telling people she wants to run against Kathy Lambert for King County Council, according to several market sources.

      The city council was always viewed by many as her stepping stone. That’s one reason she was so strongly for the McKnight slate–Pam wanted to be mayor, and when that failed, she lobbied some on the current (new) council to be deputy mayor–to pad her resume.

      • Let me get this straight, you would support a person whose only qualification includes co-running a facebook page that supported the current council majority? Because that is the full extent of Stephanie Rudat’s experience in running a city. Unless you count her experience with her father Dave Rudat’s (now interim Sammamish city manager) several controversies and unethical action as city manager in California.

        Pam Stuart is working tirelessly to keep this city from collapsing or being sued into bankruptcy by the actions of the council majority. She is easily the best person on this council.
        (now interim Sammamish city manager) several controversies and unethical action as city manager in California.

        Also since most people here don’t actually know how your own elections work, the position of Mayor and Deputy Mayor arent elected, they are decided on by vote of the city council itself. Pam Stuart being selected as mayor was never a consideration as she is not in the current majority on the council, so you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Let me get this straight, you would support a person whose only qualification includes co-running a facebook page that supported the current council majority? Because that is the full extent of Stephanie Rudat’s experience in running a city.

        Huh? I don’t follow what you are talking about.

      • @Concerned Sammammish resident: Once again, you did not read the post carefully. What you cite below is not what I wrote.–Hamilton

        Also since most people here don’t actually know how your own elections work, the position of Mayor and Deputy Mayor arent elected, they are decided on by vote of the city council itself. Pam Stuart being selected as mayor was never a consideration as she is not in the current majority on the council, so you have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. This is a much more balanced piece than the previous ones on the Rudat subject. Thank you for the report and your willingness to shine a light on both sides about this.

    I will say that this just underscores in my mind that Rudat was the wrong choice. We need some kind of unity more than ever in this community and this selection in particular seems like it threw a bunch of gasoline on a tire fire. Everyone’s super-charged with political outrage against the other side now. I am not a fan of Pam Stuart’s or Jason Ritchie’s but I’m frankly sick of the “govern by Facebook outrage” attitude that the other side seems to be embracing. We need councilmembers willing to put pen to paper and write actual policy to address growth rather than govern using emergency ordinances and feel-good Facebook posts. This group seems to want to bury themselves in their phones to post and tweet to “educate” citizens instead of doing the hard work of writing and passing coherent policy.

    The council needs to get off of Facebook, talk to people in person, and get to work. Hire a communications manager (there’s another vacant staff slot, btw), and let them handle stuff like educating the public about how council works, road closures, city events, etc. Having someone shield you from stuff like that is why you made the call to use taxpayer money to fund a communications manager head – if that person isn’t doing their job, or is ineffective, work with the city manager to fix it. Your job is to write and enact policy — something the people elected you to do. Not get to it!

  3. Amidst corona virus, Sammmamish continues the personnel drama. Stevens should focus on his job. Surely he has plenty to do. Anyone that read the FB posts, was personally attacked or saw the posts from his wife, can form thier own opinion. A comment about the election being contentious and posts being nasty, is a personal opinion and people are free to express their opinions. If Stevens believes this is harassment, then he doesn’t understand what harassment is. The election was what it was and even with a Council majority, folks are incapable of moving on. This tells me that there is still NOTHING getting done by this Council except continuing to create more drama. While I didn’t share Hornish’ views on some things, I think he may have chosen to avoid the drama we are seeing now. The article says, “District 10 is headquartered in Issaquah, where Stevens’ office is now located. He reports to fire chief Jeff Clark. Sammamish executives are no longer in the chain-of-command over Stevens.” So has Stevens vacated his desk at Sammamish City? Is there not a “dotted line” reporting structure? If Stevens hasn’t vacated and he’s not receiving direction from Clark, then the City will be mired in complaints and union grievances. That aside, what exactly is Sammamish doing for emergency preparedness? So far it appears to be a couple social media posts. Will Clark be presenting a plan? I suspect that the “preparedness” is nothing more than gathering links for other cities or county services and a couple from the Fed. Human services isn’t a top priority for Sammamish, nor is a healthy budget. Stuart and Ritchie have been the target of negative attacks, Valderamma was until he left. The fact that they didn’t think hiring a relative of a City employee and moving the responsibility for the City’s emergency preparedness was a good idea, shows a concern and desire that the City follow it’s ethical guidelines and maintain oversight.

  4. Thank you so much Miki for your great and unbiased reporting. It is very concerning to see that Andrew Stevens; a city employee; threatened to assault a member of our elected city council. The city manager should remove that employee immediately but I see from your previous report that the acting city manager is in fact Andrew’s father-in-law, Dave Rudat, which sounds like a pretty serious conflict of interest. Odd too that Christie Malchow and Karen Moran would seek to hire the family member of not only Andrew Stevens but also his wife Stephanie Rudat; someone who actively campaigned for them; to such an important post for our city. That is especially concerning after you reported that Christie and Karen themselves were both leading the council that hired, fired and then paid a large tax payer funded severance to Rick Rudometkin all in a span of about 6 months. Looking forward to your further reporting on these concerning developments with our city council.

      • I noticed that your reporting left out that Andrew Stevens’ (a city employee) exact about Pam Stuart (An elected city council member) were “If she was a man I would have punched her in the face”. You must have missed that in your well researched and unbiased article.

    • @Concerned: You suggest that the current city manager, Stevens’ father-in-law, should remove Stevens. He can’t; Stevens is not a city employee. He is now an employee of District 10. Furthermore, the incident and investigation occurred during the tenure of Rudat’s predecessors. They took no action and none was recommended. Finally, in response to your other post alleging The Comment did not report the Stevens statement at issue, it is in the second paragraph under the subhead “Stuart’s counter claim of a ‘threat'”.

  5. Can you confirm that Mr. Rudat is receiving about $4,000/month for housing and car expenses, on top of relocation expenses, on top of a higher salary than his predecessor, and [edited] weeks?

    So [ edited] .)

    But wait. [edited]

    If anybody sees a pig running around the city whose snout is smeared with lipstick, please return it to City Hall. It must have escaped.

    In the meantime, imagining that adults are in charge of municipal government makes for a quaint (if unattainable) thought experiment.

      • Assuming you mean my opening question, it came from an historically unreliable source. I sure hope it’s wrong.

      • Correct. What you quote rises to a level of libel. It’s only fair you name the source, or alternately delete your comment.

      • I’ll neither name the source nor delete the comment. This information is “in the wild” on the public internet, anyone can find it as easily as I did.

        Refuting inaccurate information, which you have done, ideally with citations (which you haven’t), is often the most effective way to set the record straight. As I’m sure you know, there’s a very high bar for establishing actionable defamation; asking a question certainly doesn’t meet it.

      • our reader comments rules prohibit libel. on this blog it’s actionable.

  6. So, all this happening, when the city is unprepared for an emergency. Am not surprised at all. Noticed it.
    1. Last summer, Klahanie got shut down one afternoon. Entry points from Iss. Fall City Rd, Beaver Lake school, Klahanie Drive near Challenger were closed.
    The only way in was through Windsor Drive and into East Beaver Lake Rd. Wrote to the City contact email, if they could put up such info on their website, instead of requesting the poor workmen who must perform their tasks while answering each driver.
    2. Wrote again, where I could access/ buy an up-to-date road map of Sammamish in case of an emergency, when the internet might be down. Zilch, Nada. No reply.

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