BREAKING NEWS: City Manager fired

By Miki Mullor

Rick Rudometkin

The Sammamish City Council voted 6-1 tonight to authorize the Mayor to enter into a separation agreement with City Manager Rick Rudometkin. The vote authorized a one year severance pay for Rudometkin, who started last May. Rudometkin’s contract entitled him to 9 months of severance pay. The Council voted to grant him additional three months in return for a “smooth transition” and release from litigation. Council Member Ramiro Valderrama objected to the additional three months severance.

No reason was given to the decision, likely because the decision was discussed in an executive session and is therefore confidential.

The Council unanimously voted to appoint Deputy City Manager, Chip Corder, to an acting City manager.

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: City Manager fired

  1. Reading the tea leaves… this looks like the M4 is positioning the city to vote on a strong mayor form of government. We’ve now seen what, SIX different people acting as city manager since Ben? You’ve got Yazici, Howard, Akramoff, Patterson, Rudometkin, and now Corder serving in this capacity. Who in their right mind would take this job and become the seventh? No one that’s qualified would do it… say what you want about the legitimacy of that “cry for help” posted on Vance’s blog before election day, but they’re right about this issue.

    I’m with Ramiro on this one. City taxpayers should be outraged at the payouts and mismanagement of this position by Council. Howard and Rudometkin have now received generous severance packages and Patterson got a ridiculously generous salary and benefits package (including paid housing). We have ZERO answers why either of those two were fired… call me cynical but is this a coincidence that this happened AFTER the election?

    Miki – dig into this… something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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