Sahalee Candidate forum: What is different – Treen v. Howe

The Sahalee (and Timberline) Candidate forum was 2:21 hours long.

The next question is “What is different between you and your opponent”. The first bite-size clip features Kent Treen and Karen Howe, who are running for seat 4:

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1 thought on “Sahalee Candidate forum: What is different – Treen v. Howe

  1. Sammamish is a community not a corporation. We do not need a CEO who runs our town like a for-profit corporation, we are not looking to have an IPO anytime soon. Perhaps Ms. Howe should go put her talent to better use elsewhere.

    When it comes to development, there is no compromise. More development = more congestion = worse quality of life for all, period. We are completely landlocked and cannot afford to build like Issaquah, Redmond or Bellevue. Our infrastructure simply cannot take anymore building, we are maxed out. There is no compromise. Anyone who seeks compromise with the developers is going against the interest of the people, period.

    Treen all the way!

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