Sahalee Candidate forum: What is different – Malchow v. McKnight

The Sahalee (and Timberline) Candidate forum was 2:21 hours long.

The next question is “What is different between you and your opponent”. The first bite-size clip features Christie Malchow and Karen McKnight, who are running for seat 2:

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3 thoughts on “Sahalee Candidate forum: What is different – Malchow v. McKnight

  1. Karen McKnight!! [Edited as violation of reader comment rules.]

    Visionary! Big Picture! Bigger Picture! Transportation Master Plan! Might as well just take a giant wrecking ball and drop it on Sammamish. This town is toast if she gets elected.

  2. I applaud any candidate who steps for ward from their ‘civilian” life to participate in the government ring. It is demanding on time and dedication to specific causes. Each person needs to be truthful to themselves and to as many of Sammamish citizens as possible. Most issues have 2 sides, stop, listen, then vote for the candidate who most aligns with your views. When you don’t align on an issue, learn an issue and listen to those who are serving.
    There’s really no place for personal biases in these city issues – the actions of the council needs a majority vote for inactnent. Listen, become in loved and trust the process works.
    I support Christine Malchow’s candidacy and will give her my vote. A strong family background and record of working on the council. Has school age children and a sound understanding of our current and growth problems. Certainly we will never agree on every council action, but trust goes a long way to preparing for sound decisions.
    Let’s agree to everyone voting, the citizens choose and we start 2020 with a smarter and progressive Sammamish.
    Hal Abbott

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