Sammamish community acts to counter racist graffiti; rally tomorrow

By Celia Wu

The Sammamish community is acting to counter a series of racist graffiti vandalism in the Klahanie area, organizing a rally tomorrow (see below) and GoFundMe campaigns in support of the victims.

Some residents of Klahanie woke up  Feb. 20 to racist graffiti scrawled over their property.

According to Sergeant Christine Elias of the Sammamish Police Department, 17  people were targets, with reports still coming in Friday. Property vandalized included cars, garage doors, mail boxes, street signs, and even a cement dumpster.

Investigation underway

“A detective has been assigned to the case,” said Elias. “No perpetrator has been apprehended yet.  We encourage people to call 911 immediately when something like this occurs, or when you sense suspicious activity.”

Community response has been swift.  The Sammamish City Council issued a statement affirming “hate has no place here in Sammamish, or anywhere in our country.”

Raising funds for clean up

Neighbors have set up a GoFundMe page, Hate Has no Home in Klahanie.  The goal of $600 to raise funds for cleaning efforts was raised in a single day.  The GoFundMe page creator, Christina Riley, updated the amount to $1,000 as “unfortunately, more homes and vehicles were damaged today.”

“If those affected do not want the funds for clean up, we will purchase more car magnets or reserve the funds to support other clean up efforts if more people are hit.”

The car magnets, which contain a “Hate Has No Home Here” message, will be distributed to the community for free.

Rally against hate tomorrow

Plateaupians for Peace is organizing a Klahanie Peace Assembly, You Belong Here, to take place tomorrow, Feb. 24, from 4:30-5:30pm at Klahanie Park, 25000 SE Klahanie Blvd.

3 thoughts on “Sammamish community acts to counter racist graffiti; rally tomorrow

  1. This is outrageous! We need to get together as a community and #1 support those victimized by these hoods, #2 every parent needs to impress upon their kids that this stuff is NOT ok, and #3 the police department needs to look at whether or not neighborhood patrolling needs to be altered to combat this.

  2. We’ve lived here on the plateau for 45 years and we’ve never had these expierences that I know of.😔 Shameful and not at all representative of our community, I’m mad and sad…. we must confront these acts and counter them with truth and compassion.

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