Sammamish Comment names Miki Mullor Deputy Editor, effective immediately

Miki Mullor

Citizen activist Miki Mullor has joined Sammamish Comment as deputy editor, effective immediately.

Mullor, a Sammamish resident for 12 years, emerged as a citizen advocate last year when he undertook, at his own expense, an in-depth study of the city’s traffic concurrency system.

Although the Administration initially dismissed Mullor’s study as “offensive,” “insulting” and politically motivated (the study emerged as city council elections were getting underway), subsequent information developed by the city’s own consultants and staff validated the underlying thesis of the Mullor study: the traffic concurrency model had been manipulated, allowing every development to pass testing.

Since then, Mullor continued to press the city council on concurrency analysis. He also has taken deep dives into other topics of importance to Sammamish citizens.

As I announced in August 2016, I moved to Bainbridge Island while keeping Sammamish Comment alive. I intended to cease publication Dec. 31, 2017, because (1) I don’t live in Sammamish and (2) my own work scheduled severely limits my ability to undertaken investigative reporting which The Comment pursued.

However, it was clear that concurrency, and other issues, were going to continue and emerge into 2018, so I kept The Comment alive while searching for someone who has the fortitude to fearlessly pursue controversial issues. Miki Mullor evolved into this person.

“While we don’t always agree on issues, I did find Scott’s voice to be authentic, with high integrity and non-partisan,” Mullor said. “These are values I share with Scott, so when the opportunity came to join forces, it was an easy decision.

“I plan to continue Scott’s line of investigative journalism here in Sammamish.  If you have a story idea or information, please contact me miki (at)  All information and sources will be treated as confidential,” Mullor said.

Sammamish needs an independent outlet for investigative reporting. The Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter remains a pathetic excuse for a community newspaper, ignoring important issues, failing to pursue investigative pieces and remaining content to focus on the police blotter. It also fundamentally remains a “house organ” for the city.

Mullor is working on several investigative reports that need daylighting.

I am pleased that he will do so via Sammamish Comment.

By Scott Hamilton, Editor

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