Larson resigns as Sammamish Communications Manager, was under investigation

Tim Larson

Tim Larson, the Sammamish Communications Manager, resigned today, three Council Members confirmed to Sammamish Comment.

He had been on paid administrative leave since Aug. 24, under investigation for reason(s) that have not been revealed.

In the Aug. 24 letter from City Manager Lyman Howard to Larson, Howard wrote, “Effective immediately, you are placed on administrative leave with pay and your benefits will remain intact.”

Howard outlined his “expectations” in the page-long directive that included a requirement that he complete work on the September City newsletter but otherwise not engage in any City work unless directed.

Howard also directed Larson “to remain available” Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, “regarding this investigation…”

Larson was also notified that he “may be called back to work for additional investigatory interviews at any time.

“You will not discuss this investigation or any city business…,” Lyman directed Larson.

The nature of the investigation was not outlined in the letter.

Earlier this week, Sammamish Comment emailed Howard for details of the investigation and seeking his comment. Howard classified the ask as a Public Records Request and referred it to the City Clerk for processing, where it now sits.

Under fire

Larson has been under fire since his involvement in responding to a June study by citizen Miki Mullor challenging the validity of Sammamish’s traffic concurrency. Larson advised Howard to respond aggressively to Mullor, adopting a tone that upset a majority of the Council, The Comment reported in an Aug. 16 post.

The Comment wrote on August 16 that Larson was the target of criticism by at least four City Council Members. Larson attempted to discredit Mullor and The Comment to the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter.

Eight days later, Larson was put on Administrative leave. It’s unknown to The Comment, or even to Council Members, if the action was related to Larson’s involvement in the Mullor and Comment activities, or if there were other issues involved.

A July 24 post had more details of Larson’s efforts to discredit Mullor and The Comment.

Mullor filed a sweeping Public Records Request for Larson’s emails and other documents. A number of Larson’s emails were referred to the City Attorney for review before release to Larson. An unknown number of documents subject to Mullor’s request remain under legal review and have yet to be delivered.

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