Gerend steps down as mayor next week

Don Gerend

Don Gerend is expected to step down next week at mayor of Sammamish.

Gerend will remain on the Council as a member through the end of this year, when his term expires.

Sammamish Comment was the first to report Gerend is stepping down.

Bob Keller

The Comment in May endorsed Deputy Mayor Bob Keller for Mayor and Member Christie Malchow for Deputy Mayor.

Keller’s own term expires at the end of the year and he decided not to seek reelection. Malchow is in the middle of her term.

Christie Malchow

Keller and Malchow remain the best choices for the leadership positions for the rest of this year.

The vote by the Council to select Gerend’s successor should come at the first meeting following Gerend’s resignation.

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