Huckabay moving to “next phase,” bows out of reelection

Kathy Huckabay

Sammamish City Council Member Kathy Huckabay said on her Facebook page that it’s time to move on to the next phase of her life.

She joins Mayor Don Gerend and Deputy Mayor Bob Keller in deciding not to seek reelection. Council Member Tom Odell hasn’t declared his intentions.

Here is here Facebook message:

30 years ago, I was invited to a King County Comprehensive plan meeting. That simple invitation led to years of work culminating in the city incorporating in 1999.
And what an exciting journey it’s been. From a little city of 28,000 and a two lane main road to a vibrant financially successful city of 66,000 served by a 4 lane tree lined road. From meeting in a store front to public campus with a city hall, library and community center. And, most recently, we’ve seen the beginnings of our long awaited Town Center and sealed the deal to host Central Washington University in our city.
Throughout this amazing history, I’ve had the privilege of serving the people of Sammamish on the city council and working with a wonderful staff for 14 years. I know that the city will be in good hands as they and a new council focus on making this city even better.
But, now, as my husband and I celebrate 49 years of marriage, we’ve decided that it is time to move on to the next phase of our lives and enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends and finally reading all of those books collecting dust in my office.
Many thanks for all of your care and support over the years.

Kathleen Huckabay

1 thought on “Huckabay moving to “next phase,” bows out of reelection

  1. This came too late. She and her gang messed things up royally. They blew money all the while saying that they were saving it and now sammamish is behind the fiscal curve. All we ever heard about was how she was a cpa for 30 years and she couldn’t see the cross over coming? Good riddance we need new people with new ideas.

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