Start voting from the bottom up

Sammamish residents should have received their mail-in ballots for the Nov. 8 election by now.

Given the top of the ballot, the presidential race, offers such an awful set of choices, voters might instead start at the bottom of the ballot and work their way to the top.

The Seattle Times lists its endorsements for initiatives, propositions and the elective races here. You have to go to this link and then select the ones you’re interested in reading. Sammamish Comment concluded its endorsements yesterday.

As previously noted, the Sammamish Review and the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter don’t endorse–a disservice to readers who aren’t intimately familiar with the local legislative races or issues but who wish to vote.

Ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 8.

13 thoughts on “Start voting from the bottom up

  1. Thank you. I am very pleased you inferred that Clinton is an awful choice. The focus on attacking Trump has many forgetting that Clinton is a potential felon and places a high risk on our national security because of her careless handling of sensitive communication. In addition, her money trail from foreign contributors to the Clinton Foundation also is concerning. In both cases, she certainly is open to influence or worse blackmail at the detriment of our country, not to mention putting american lives at risk.

    This should not be a popularity contest because the consequences of electing one or the other is far greater than the person. Look beyond the two flawed candidates and imagine the underlying change or harm their collective administrations will achieve. All Americans need to step back and together rationally and objectively work together towards a better America. We are stuck in ideological stalemates on both sides that is causing great harm.

    Scott, I appreciate your journalistic integrity. It is very hard to provide editorial opinion concurrent with objective reporting. You are thoughtful and mostly report in an objective manner and as a result, you are highly respected by readers with diverse political views.

    • Hi John, since the Sammamish Review and Issaquah/Sammamish reporter abdicate their civic responsibilities, the Times is the only area paper to which we can turn. FWIW.

  2. Well, maybe because they never endorsed me, I don’t use the Seattle Times either! On local issues and candidates, most local newspapers are too conflicted by their dependence on land development and population growth oriented advertisers. Self interest and the local establishment is represented by the Seattle Times Editorial Board, and not much else. Here are two sources I use: and

    A little story that might be interesting to your older viewers involves the old Seattle Post-Intelligencer and their endorsement of my County Council campaign in 1989. According to insiders there, the Editorial Board voted to endorse me but the Publisher vetoed it when he learned of my support for Seattle’s Cap Initiative. This fact was leaked to the biggest local “hot talk” radio show who carried the story all election day afternoon. The host took credit for my victory! The tables were turned a little when many years later after I had left the County Council the Post-Intelligencer employees union asked me to represent them as a citizen participant in their contract negotiations and public relations campaign. We bought the employees a little more time, but the newspaper eventually folded. However, an excellent online version is still available:

    • Hi David, your pen ink color must be black. A fountain pen makes it really easy to fill in the oval. I use a Waterman, but a Mont Blanc will do, too.

  3. I find your messages often useful and informative; however, attempting to manipulate how people should vote while posing as a bi-partisan journalist, as you have, is a disservice to your readership.

  4. Calling our top of the ballots choices awful is maybe your personal feeling but is not the feeling of the silent majority of our country who is voting for Hillary Clinton. Please don’t lump your feelings for your Republican candidate in with the majority’s feelings for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. I’m with her.

  5. I agree with Carol… the top of the ballot (on the Democratic side at least) is an inspiring, educated, winning candidate. The GOP side, not so much. As for Clinton being a “potential felon”, I defer to the wisdom of the Justice Department, Congressional investigations, and the hundreds of state and local investigations that have yet to define her as one… Over the ridiculously deranged opinions of someone that just happens to have an internet connection and some YouTube videos. Words have meanings… and whether you THINK she SHOULD be one, she is not, and has never been a “potential felon” any more than anyone is. Thank goodness we have Constitutional rights and due process to determine who is and who isn’t one.

    I would also offer that The Stranger ( also does a great job with endorsements (for liberals like me).

    • The Stranger and Seattle Weekly don’t (typically) endorse in the suburbs and are too Seattle-centric on things like transit. Their views on statewide races and initiatives are worth reading.

  6. Frank,

    You are very passionate and intelligent (seen you represent Sammamish as a Planning Commissioner). I respect you and your contributions to the city.

    My concern is that we no longer are working together to reach a consensus on solutions that benefit more people vs. name calling and division.

    I would enjoy having coffee with you sometime. Maybe we find areas that we agree on.

    Kind Regards


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