Know your candidate for Sammamish City Council: Mark Cross

  • There will be a candidates forum Wednesday, October 7, at 7pm at the Boys and Girls Club, Inglewood Hill Road and 228th Ave. NE. It is sponsored by the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce and the Sammamish Rotary. It will not be videotaped or broadcast on Sammamish TV Channel 21, so this is your only chance to see the candidates and ask questions in a forum.

Beginning Thursday and continuing today for five consecutive posts, Sammamish

Mark Cross

Comment will provide information about the five active candidates for Sammamish City Council running for Positions 2, 4 and 6. There is a sixth candidate, but he dropped out of the race two months after entering, but too late to withdraw his name from the ballot. Sammamish Comment began with Position 2 and will continue in order. Each profile will be for one candidate. Information will come principally, but not entirely, from the candidate’s website and the Public Disclosure Commission.

Thursday’s Profile: Christie Malchow, Position 2

Position 2: Mark Cross



Cross, 65, is an urban planner and was employed by Bothell and Bellevue. He is married and has two adult children. No memberships with local organizations were listed on Cross’ website.


Cross identified only thee issues on his website:

  • Preserving Water Quality
  • Preserving the environment
  • Annexing Klahanie while preserving services to Sammamish

That’s it.


For a long-time resident of Sammamish and a former City Council Member of eight years, including a stint as Mayor, Cross has a remarkably thin number of endorsements. He lists just 19 endorsements on his website.

Absent from his endorsements this year are many of those who endorsed Cross during his two previous elections, in 2003 and 2007. Among the current endorsements:

  • Sammamish City Council Member Nancy Whitten
  • Sammamish City Council Member Kathy Huckabay
  • Sammamish City Council Member Tom Odell
  • Sammamish City Council Member Tom Vance
  • Washington Conservation Voters
  • Cascade Bicycle Club
  • 41st District, 45th District & King County Democrats

Financial Contributors

Financial contributions are one way to gauge support.

Cross raised $3,830, including $1,200 of his own money for his campaign. Cross lists just 19 organizations and individuals as contributors.

All data, websites and PDC reports current as of Sept. 28, 2015.


2 thoughts on “Know your candidate for Sammamish City Council: Mark Cross

  1. I’m sorry Scott, but you sound like a partisan hack and a shill for his opponent in this piece. This is not an objective position piece. Dump the “just” and “that’s all” and your personal commentaries and you might have a some shred of objective credibility with your blahg. Otherwise this is just a pro-Malchow ad.

    • Mark’s lack of detail on his website for his issues, his lack of endorsements and his lack of financial support is what it is, Frank. Facts are facts. Sorry you don’t like the facts.

      For a candidate with Mark’s resume and his experience on the City Council, the brevity of his issues is just downright embarrassing and the few endorsements–other than the city council power structure and the Democratic party–is shocking. His lack of financial support is equally shocking.

      Either Mark’s presumptive in assuming he will be elected and doesn’t feel the need to inform voters or garner broad support, or he’s lazy in not producing same.

      And this is from someone who supported, campaigned for and donated to his previous two elections.


      Addendum: It turns out that Cross also failed to respond to questions posed by the League of Women Voters. Doesn’t Cross think that Sammamish voters deserve to know his positions, or is he so arrogant as to believe his election is a “given?”

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