Sammamish adopts Initiative Resolution on 5-2 vote

The Sammamish City Council tonight (July 7) adopted a resolution declaring its intent to adopt an ordinance granting residents the right to Initiative and Referendum.

Due to legal requirements in State law, a separate vote will be forthcoming to adopt the enabling ordinance. The effective date is estimate to be on or about October 10.

Deputy Mayor Kathy Huckabay and Council Member Tom Odell voted against the resolution. The rest of the seven member council voted for it.

Odell was the lone vote against even sending the issue to voters for an Advisory Ballot. Voters said Yes in an April 28 vote by a 55%-45% margin.

Huckabay, who led a stealth campaign against the April 28 vote, stood by her long-held opposition to the I&R. She professed neutrality while leading the stealth campaign.

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