Klahanie annexation, Initiative win

Update, April 30:

  • Initiative: Roughly another 400 votes counted; percentages largely unchanged.
  • Klahanie: Roughly another 150 votes counted; percentages largely unchanged.

This ends our coverage; even as more votes are counted, there is enough in the way of changes to the election night results to be material.

Update, April 29:

  • About 700 votes were counted in Sammamish with no appreciable change in the results.
  • About 240 votes were counted in Klahanie with no appreciable change in the results.

Original Post:

It’s been widely expected: the Klahanie Potential Annexation Area and the Advisory vote for whether Sammamish should have the right of Initiative and Referendum have both won in landslides.

  • Klahanie PAA residents voted to approve annexation to Sammamish with 86.83% of the vote.
  • Sammamish residents voted to approve the right of Initiative and Referendum with 55.25% of the vote.

Election night results reflect the early main-in ballot returns. Turnout for these special elections was low, typical of April elections in which no electoral races are on the ballot.

  • The Klahanie turnout was 2,480 out of about 6,220 voters, or a 40% turnout.
  • The Sammamish turnout was 5,747 votes out of 28,665 voters, or a 20.24% turnout.

By the time all ballots are counted over a two week period, turnout typically doubles from election night. Although turnout was low and there are ballots to be counted, the election night results were so heavily weighted toward Yes votes that I declare the two ballot issues as won. Final results rarely vary by more than a percent or two.

The I&R vote, while a 10 point spread, was not as broad a victory as had been expected: most, including at least one City Councilman, expected an 80% Yes vote.

Sammamish indicated it hopes to complete all the processes and effect the Klahanie annexation by August.

The City Council is less assuring about honoring the Advisory vote outcome.

The Advisory vote is a victory for Citizens of Sammamish and its chair, Harry Shedd. Shedd urged the Council for years to adopt I&R. Reluctantly the Council agreed in January to put the issue to voters in an Advisory Ballot. Shedd and CFS were then subjected to a stealth campaign by the City to gin up opposition and bar CFS from locations to hold its meetings, and to deny voters information about the I&R through the City newsletter.

The I&R result of 55%-45% is greater than the only other Advisory vote in Sammamish, that of the Community Center, which was approved with a 53%-47% result.

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