Should Sammamish have the right to Initiative and Referendum?

Ballots are arriving this week with an Advisory Vote asking Sammamish residents whether they want the right of Initiative and Referendum.

See these previous posts for background.

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Council sets Advisory Vote for Initiative/Referendum

The Sammamish Review weighed in:

Time has come for Initiative/Referendum

A 5-2 majority of the Sammamish City Council doesn’t want our citizens to have this right. Ramiro Valderrama and Nancy Whitten favor the right of initiative/referendum.

Here’s an unscientific poll: Do you want it or not?

We’ll report the results in the not-too-distant future.

Harry Shedd, chairman of Citizens for Sammamish, is the principal driver behind the Initiative/Referendum.

1 thought on “Should Sammamish have the right to Initiative and Referendum?

  1. These are two comments contained within the Poll box comments:

    John Vasko – 6 hours ago
    Washington State Constitution, Article I, Section I: All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed…
    Elected officials do not become Royalty or omniscient with their election. The people must have some avenue of redress should such officials mistake the will of the people. The right of Initiative and Referendum is such an avenue.

    Sue Grinius Hill – 7 hours ago
    Good grief, why would any group of citizens NOT want that right. Infact, I was not aware we had to ask/vote for that right! I thought all WA state citizens have that option. Doesn’t mean we have to exercise it every day, but we are a self governing country (to the best of our ability these days, anyway) and should never forfeit that privilege or squander it.

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