Christine Malchow withdraws, Gerend now unopposed

I received word from Christine Malchow late Sunday that she has filed papers to withdraw her candidacy for Sammamish City Council. The move leaves incumbent Don Gerend unopposed for a fifth term.

3 thoughts on “Christine Malchow withdraws, Gerend now unopposed

  1. The way this is playing out has all the ear marks of a “fix” for Gerend to run unopposed. It smacks of Chicago-style politics. Seemingly, Sammamish is descending into an oligarchy. The same faces showing up on the dais again and again and perpetuating their positions through subterfuges and dubious maneuverings by individuals who are all too familiar.

    • Actually Don is from Wisconsin.

      Be that as it may, Christie told me that with a one and a two year old, she had second thoughts about the time commitment over the next two-four years.

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