Campaign Contributions Update: Sept. 27

Note: The only candidates’ forum is Wednesday, September 28, at the Beaver Lake Middle School, 25025 SE 32nd St. (at 251st Ave. SE), Sammamish, from 7-9pm.

I continue to watch the Public Disclosure Commission filings to see who is backing whom and how much money is raised.

The latest review was conducted Sept. 27.

Here’s the recap:

Position 2

Kathy Richardson v Nancy Whitten

Richardson added a number of small contributors to her campaign, and now has raised more money in cash and in-kind than any other candidate except Ramiro Valderamma.

Richardson’s contributors continue to trend to conservative, including new contributions from current city councilman John James and former councilman Jack Barry.

Whitten did not add a significant numbers of contributors in the most recent reporting periods. The largest, for $500, is from her former employer, John O’Brien. His wife, Mary, owns and operates Arbor School in the Sammamish Town Center.

Position 4

Ramiro Valderamma v Jim Wasnick

Valderamma now leads Sammamish candidates in money raised and with in-kind contributions. His contributors continue to trend conservative, though he has a small number of more liberal contributors.

Wasnick hasn’t added any supporters since our last published review, suggesting a continued, very narrow base of support.

Position 6

Jesse Bornfreund v Tom Vance

Bornfreund continues to report virtually no campaign contributions. Those he has remain in the right-center, property rights spectrum.

Vance has reported two new contributors, suggesting his base remains narrowly focused on Democrats and environmentalists.

The latest summary is here: Sammamish Campaign Contributions 92711.

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