More intimidation, hypocrisy from John Galvin

Sammamish voters received their ballots Friday/Saturday for primary day on August 16 for City Council. Voters have a choice in one race between Ramiro Valderrama, Jim Wasnick and John Galvin.

Galvin, of course, is the person who lectures Sammamish on proper procedures, only to flout the law when it comes to his own candidacy. He is also the master of hypocrisy.

As recently as May, Galvin was decrying campaign contributions by yours truly to past campaigns. In 2009, he attacked people who contributed funds to candidates they support. He attacked my wife’s campaign contribution, among others. This past May he claimed I had “financed” several city council campaigns.

Setting aside the bloviating over-statement of the word “financed” in this context, what does Galvin do when it comes to his own candidacy? Galvin filed for what’s called “mini-reporting.” This means he doesn’t have to reveal who is contributing to his campaign, or the amounts they “financed.”

Sammamish voters have no idea who is financing Galvin’s campaign or who is supporting him. Given his persistent criticisms and lectures about who supported and contributed to candidates he opposed, the hypocrisy is noteworthy.

Then there is the matter of his continual pattern of intimidation. I’ve already documented just two examples in the preceding post. I have two years of emails with many more examples.

But Galvin doesn’t stop there. In what is particularly egregious, Galvin on two occasions verbally accosted the wives of two planning commissioners with whom he disagreed.

Galvin is well over six feet and a stout individual. One of the wives is 5’9″ and height-weight-proportionate and the other, well into her 60s, is shorter. On these two occasions, Galvin accosted them as they were leaving commission meetings (and while their husbands were on the podium, unaware of the events until afterward) and began to berate them for actions of their husbands.

After the second incident, police were on hand at the following meeting to be sure Galvin did not repeat his inappropriate actions.

This is not an individual who should be on the city council or in any advisory role. It is worth noting that he once applied to for a position on the planning commission, and no council member supported his appointment. Furthermore, he applied for appointment to various town center advisory committees and no council member supported any of his previous applications.

These universal rejections of Galvin have nothing to do with his so-called advocacy of “inconvenient truths.” They are entirely because Galvin has an anger management issue (odd for someone who has a PhD in psychology who is a grievance counselor) and because of his history of verbal abuse toward staff, commissions and committees, anyone he disagrees with and the requirement for a time that police be present in case he goes into one of his inappropriate actions.


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