Rituja Indapure

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Rituja Indapure

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Voter Pamphlet Statement

Rituja Indapure is an experienced leader who will be a diligent steward of our land and protect the character of our neighborhoods, while ensuring we invest in our infrastructure. 

A tech industry professional, she serves on the Sammamish Planning Commission, and has extensive community volunteer experience on the YMCA board, Women’s Commission, the PTSA and other local organizations.

As City Councilmember, Rituja will stand up for our shared priorities: developing transportation solutions that serve our city; protecting our green spaces; ensuring reliable police, fire and support services for everyone. A compassionate leader who listens and ensures all voices are heard, Rituja has the experience to build consensus for common-sense, fiscally responsible solutions to strengthen Sammamish for the future. Endorsements: Congresswoman Kim Schrier, M.D.,  Washington Conservation Voters, King County Democrats, Transportation for Washington, 45th, 41st and 5th LD Democrats and many Sammamish residents. I’d be honored to earn your vote.

Education: BA, LL B, University of Pune; LL M (International Commercial Law), University of Nottingham

Occupation: Manager Costco; Sammamish Planning Commission, Washington State Women’s Commission

Interviews, news mentions

Public comments – City Council

May 23, 2019urged Council to begin work on the Transportation City Council Special Meeting –
Master Plan
Nov. 20, 2018spoke regarding the Big Rock Park – Site B. She would like to see this project move forward.
March 7, 2017spoke regarding the anti-immigration ban and the rising number of hate-crimes that are happening all around the country. She feels that we need to take action now as these crimes already are happening in Sammamish. Education and awareness of our rights need to be brought forward.