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Voter Pamphlet

The balance between development, infrastructure and environmental protection in Sammamish needs to be restored. I’m running for Sammamish City Council for three reasons.

Neighborhood Character: We must have a vision for our diverse city that retains the natural beauty of a bedroom community. I will work to change city code and improve design standards. Environment: As a forest firefighter I fought to save the forest. I will fight to preserve, protect, and restore the natural environment in Sammamish. Transportation and infrastructure: I will only support development that provides adequate infrastructure, transportation and public safety. 

If we accept maximum density, we will lose the beauty, safety and character of our community. I will use the tools in the Growth Management Act as intended to control growth. My wife, Debbie, served Bothell as a neighborhood advocate, Councilmember and Mayor, and I bring the same bold leadership to Sammamish. Vote for Kent Treen.

Education: Master’s in Education, Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Theology, AS degree in Forestry
Occupation: Educator of at-risk students for Bellevue School District.

Public Comments – City Council

Jun. 4, 2019he would like to see Sammamish remain as a bedroom
Apr. 4, 2017spoke regarding a large, proposed development going in near his home.
Jun. 5, 2018has concerns that there is no vision for the build out of the City
Oct. 16, 2018spoke regarding the moratorium and development
Nov. 21, 2017spoke about permanently repealing the pilot program
May 16, 2017spoke regarding the Parker Plat. He is concerned that there are erosion concerns related to the plat. He requested Council change the zoning on the property to R-2 or R-1. He also feels there was not sufficient notice of the neighborhood meeting

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