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Education: B.A. Finance, William Paterson University of New Jersey.

Occupation: Publisher of Sammamish Neighbors Magazine.

Are you concerned by the over development of our city? The traffic on our roads? The overcrowding of our schools? Are you outraged by the clear cutting of our beautiful trees? I am. I’m concerned that our beloved Sammamish is being turned into an urbanized city that doesn’t fit the character of the green jewel we all love.For the past 2 years I’ve been very active and vocal in my efforts to control residential over development. I worked closely with a coalition of concerned citizens that strongly advocated for slowing development until infrastructure can catch up.And guess what? We were successful. A traffic test was recently adopted which proves our roads are failing and paused residential development until solutions are implemented. As your council member, I will support policies that ensure development does not outpace adequate infrastructure: roads, schools, sewer, water, storm water facilities. Please vote for Ken.

– Ken Gamblin